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This & That

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Win $5000By 5/25/99
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Win a $500 Gift Cert from MicrosoftBy 5/31/99
Win a VW BeetleBy 5/31/99

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Win a Home TheatreBy 6/2/99
Win a Computer">By 6/17/99
Win a Family VacationBy 6/30/99
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Win a Cat TreeBy 6/30/99
Win a Baby CradleBy 6/30/99
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Win $100KBy 12/31/99
Win a Family Reunion Cruise with DisneyBy 12/31/99

Win Computer WallpaperBy 1/1/00
Win a Tennis RacquetBy 1/31/00

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Huron-OnLine..Lots of Good Stuff
ShadCat's Sweepstakes
Suite101 Sweepstakes
Sweeping the World
The IceManThe IceMan
Click & WinFun and Fast
Winning Ways
Debbi Reed's Links to Sweepstakes
Chez ComfyAlso for Canadians
Lizz's Links
Debbie's Sweepstakes Page...Worth a Look
Frank's Online Contests
Granny's Gazette
Best Sweepstakes/Contests in Nebraska
Daily Updated Sweepstakes(Thread Treader)
Beth's Sweepstakes Site..Something for Everybody
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The Kalkutta Friendship Magazine

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Penguins /Blue Mountain Arts Animated Greetings
FREE Animated Electronic Greeting Cards

Comprehensive List of Greeting Cards Links

Virtual Gifts - Free Greeting Cards!
Greeting Cards
Tip Of The Web ... Fun Stuff Virtual Greeting Cards From Around The World.
WebGraFX-FX Free Electronic Postcards with Animation & Sound
BigNoseBird.Com's Virtual Card Creator Page
1st Source - Electronic Postcards
Cyber greetingss! - Dot3 Communications greetings Cards cards postcards valentine
E-Cards - Cool, Free greetings Cards, Birthday Cards, Virtual Bouquets, Postcards
Awesome Cyber Card's main page. Cyber greetings Cards by Awesome Cards. Awesome greetings cards, virtual postcards, love notes cyber postcards. Send cyber greetings cards.
Say It! Talking Cards
My Sentiments(TM) greetings Cards - FREE Electronic Postoffice!
Electronic greetings Cards - Free!
Cyber-Card FREE Internet Postcards - Brought to you by Wizardry Design
ManofSteele Birthday Card Giveaway! Awesome Free Cool Links Here!
Animated greetings Cards Animated Messages Animated greetingss
Animated FREE Electronic greetings Cards - The funnest animated greetings cards and postcards in cyberspace -
Media Synergy - @loha animated e-mail program
Postcards from Best Flowers
Poetry in Motion Postcards
The Digital Postcard
The Electric Postcard
Send an Online Postcard from BallardNet
Barry's Digital Postcards
The Electronic Postcard Rack
HomeArts: Postcards From the Web
Send Somebody a Postcard
Send An Electronic Postcard from Negril, Jamaica
PostCard from E-City(tm)
1vplace: Card Shop
CommerceAsia's greetings Card
Welcome to Warner Bros. WeB Cards
Magical greetingss
Angel's Selections
Family.Com: Registration Options
1st Free greetings Cards World
Internet Online Services Int -- E-Cards
greetings Cards cards greetingss
Beth's Favorite Online greetings Card Sites
Internet Card Central
Talent Associates' Online greetings Cards
NetCard home page
Blue Mountain Arts' Electronic greetings Cards
Mac's greetingss
Worcesternet -- Send a Card for Free!
Shan's Cards
C*E*A Card Shop
Web Cards
BigTex greetings Cards
Mnet Web and greetings Cards!
Westface greetings Cards
The Place To Go greetings Cards
Binky's Free E greetingss
greetings Cards
greetings cards
Free greetingss
Send An Electronic greetings Cards To Whoever You Wanted To Send To
Digital Dream
Bytesize greetingss Cardshop
Internet greetings Cards
Prince Edward Island: greetings Card Centre
An Absolutely Awesome & Free greetings Card Service, Free Post Cards, Free Any Occassion greetings Cards -
LoveCards - Love and Romance in a Postcard
Free 3D Sci Fi/Science Fiction Electronic greetings Cards
Beachmarks Card Shop
E-Cards: Card Categories
E-Cards: Category: v-cards
Yahoo! - Entertainment:Humor, Jokes, and Fun:greetings Cards on WWW
Card Corner
Yahoo! - Entertainment:Humor, Jokes, and Fun:greetings Cards on WWW:Birthday Cards
Yahoo! - Entertainment:Humor, Jokes, and Fun:greetings Cards on WWW:Holiday Cards:Thanksgiving

----- New greeting cards links

Excite: Home > Arts & Entertainment Channel > Web-Based > Greeting Cards
Animated Musical Greeting Card Store - for your birthday and holiday needs
All Business Greeting Cards! by Awesome Cyber Cards(
The Free Internet Greeting Card Page From WebFace Ltd
Cyber Cards & Greetings
DIGITAL GREETING CARDS @ - Send a free electronic greeting card to a friend.
Build-A-Card: Greeting Cards for Holidays, Birthdays, Thank You Cards, & more!
KMMC - Multimedia Greeting Cards
Welcome To Hallmark
Welcome to

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